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How to prepare delicious moi moi

How to prepare delicious moi moi

Moi Moi is a steamed bean pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled black-eyed beans, onions and fresh black pepper.


2 cups of Black-eyed beans,

1 medium of Onion,

2 medium sized tomatoes

2 fresh pepper

Boiled egg Optional,

2 tablespoonful of Grounded crayfish,

1 teaspoonful of salt

Vegetable oil

2 magi cubes



1. In a bowl, put in the quantity of black eyed beans you want to cook and pour in water to cover the beans.

2.Soak overnight. In the morning, gently rob the beans together as you wash it to remove the peelings.

3.If you are using an already peeled bean, all you need to do is that just soak it overnight to make it soft.

4.Put the cleaned bean in a blender and add onion to taste. A whole medium sized onion. Also add your pepper to taste.

5. Blend this till mixture becomes a smooth paste. If you have already prepared bean flour, you don’t need to follow the steps above just add  your blended tomatoes, pepper, and onion to the flour and mixed into the smooth paste. Put the bean paste into a bowl and add the vegetable oil and mix. Slice your boiled egg into moderate sizes and add it to the paste. And this is the time for you to the grinded crayfish, magi cubes to the paste.

6.Add a little water to loosen the paste a little bit. Don’t make it too light. Measure the beans paste into medium plates or cups; to a certain level so that it will have enough for space for the bean to expand once its start boiling.


7.Get cooking pot with water inside, place the medium plates or cups that you fill with beans paste inside the cooking pot and cover it, cook for about 30 minutes. Until the beans paste looks like a baked cake, then serve your moimoi with pap or rice.

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